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Thread: Major shop selling Expired film

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    Major shop selling Expired film

    They saw me comin' to the tune of about $300.00 once. They're one of the few companies I've taken a solemn personal oath to never patronize for any reason, no matter how attractive the deal may appear. To say that they suck is a hyperbolic understatement. I would like to be more graphic here, but the need to preserve decorum prohibits.

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    Major shop selling Expired film

    Yes, Adorama is a shaky company as I found out many years ago with a story almost as bad as yours. I purchase 8x10 transparencey films in lots of 4 50 sheet boxes but insist that they be early in date and most importantly all the same lot number as my business is all about color balance and density. Using different lots makes a big bother getting consistant color balance, you should buy from B&H, Calumet or other reliable companys.

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    Major shop selling Expired film

    Richard, Although they don't stock it as a rule, but have you tried Silverprint in London? I'm sure they'd quote you a price for 50 sheet boxes of Fuji film.

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    Major shop selling Expired film I was having a bad day?

    Yeah, QT, it was 1995. Sorry.

    Oops. I guess I should read better.

    I'll take the '04 Velvia for $32/box

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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    Major shop selling Expired film

    Ok, maybe I am being thick here, but my summary is:

    - They sent you out of date film.

    - They offered replacement or a discount and you (me too, for that matter) considered the discount inadequate.

    - They offered to send the replacement to you free of charge and accept back the incorrect merchandise and absorb the cost of shipping.

    The last one is pretty much normal (and perfect) return policy; you get what you ordered without extra costs, albeit somewhat late.

    I don't get where the big problem is and why this means that Adorama sucks so bad. What were you expecting?

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    Major shop selling Expired film

    Hi Paul

    Yes, I wondered at first too, but then the practicalities started to hit home - the timing issue (it took them three days for an instock item to leave the store - ordered Monday, left store Thursday - tracking codes and timed invoices are wonderful things!) created difficulties for me, and left me with only one possible day to receive the replacement film - if that didn't work, I would have no time to get new film. I had to commit to spending a considerable portion of a day at home waiting for it when I have errands to perform before heading off for a fortnight, and wouldn't get the chance to test the newly-arrived film. As I said, I don't normally batch-test for colour, but for x-rays. I was not convinced this was an 'accident' on their part - the RVP lots were a year apart (2005-3 and 2004-3 - the other box was RDPIII), suggesting poor stock management which indicated this would occur often - foisting old stock on people who, through inertia, ignorance or impracticality, might not be able to take action. Further comments supported this. On top of which, I found the approach unacceptable from a firm I was likely to give a fair bit of work to (for an amateur anyway!), and so needed a sound relationship with. Many smaller firms would have genuinely bent over backwards with such a recent and good customer, and that would have encouraged me to always make them my first port of call. It took persuading to convince them that I shouldn't need to return the film to them first, and this idea of replacement film was only considered a real possibility by them on the second phone call (with two emails having been ignored in the meanwhile). I can also be lazy - the thought of boxing up the film and taking it to back to the post office, because of their mistake, and waiting for them to reimburse me, was irritating. As the times of my posts indicate, I've tried to spread this out so I don't give them too short notice to fix things. I don't want to have to fight to get a problem fixed - it should be fixed immediately. I also want to deal with real people who know what they're talking about, not people who start off by questioning me when I state that the '2004-3' figure is an expiration date (a process-by date actually, but you get the picture). The only email accessible is their email, the only phone number is their general number. There is no way to contact anyway else.

    But yes, I was a little unsure what 'normal' practice was in this situation, hence I was reluctant to name them until I got a better idea. I know mud sticks too readily.

    To everyone, thanks for your comments. I'll try Silverprint, although a couple of other firms indicated 50-sheet boxes don't even have product codes in the UK for some emulsions (and interestingly, Velvia 100F is only special order, as it is apparently to be deleted in LF soon, except in 120, but that's another thread to be started another time...). I'll try B&H next time as well, although they don't list RVP on their site (perhaps special order).

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