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Thread: 210mm f6.3 Commercial Osaka

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    210mm f6.3 Commercial Osaka

    Can anyone tell me anything about this lens? Is it a clone of the Commercial Ektar? In what way is it any better than, say, a B&L Tessar IIb (aside from coating)? I bought it for the Copal shutter (so I could mount a 210mm G-Claron). Presumably, if I'm looking for a Plasmat, the Osaka Tessar won't compare to the Claron. Is it the equal of the Ilex Acutar? I have a rediculous number of 8" range lenses - I want to keep one Plasmat (Nikkor) and one other/small lens for hiking (two actually). I was planning on the G-Claron, as well as a Kodak Anastigmat (203mm f7.7 Ektar without the coating). Is this lens worth considering. I really don't feel like conducting a lens test to find out so anyone's experience with this lens is appreciated.


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    Re: 210mm f6.3 Commercial Osaka

    Well, I have a 360mm f6.8 Osaka Commercial which I love. Beautiful creamy tonality on 8x10 film.

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    Re: 210mm f6.3 Commercial Osaka

    Dan, I'm sorry, but with aged lenses so much depends on condition that the only way to choose among a bunch is to shoot 'em all. My 210/6.3 Prinz (= Commercial Congo, confirmed by Yamasaki) may be worse than, as good as, better than yours. And mine has a lousy front surface but still shoots acceptably.

    f/6.3 Commercial Congos and Ilex Acutars are both very similar to Commercial Ektars. Yamasaki's quality control is supposed to be so-so, but I don't have enough experience with their lenses to know how true the vile rumor is.

    My f/6.3 B&L IIbs (most ancient and uncoated, one late and coated, no 8 inchers among 'em) are good enough but IMO a decent f/5.6 Plasmat (I have some with roughly matching focal lengths) is preferable unless weight is very important.

    Good luck, have fun, accept your fate,


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    Re: 210mm f6.3 Commercial Osaka

    You might get more information from Ted Bromwell. He imports, or used to, the Osaka (it's his house brand) cameras and lenses. Cameras are Tachihara, or an identical clone, and I believe the lenses are indeed Congos.

    He does/did business as Bromwell Marketing. Nice person to deal with btw!


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