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    I am a photo-artist. I work in a wet darkroom using a number of cameras. I have done much Lith printing and mordancage. Currently i am working on Salt prints. I am not much for chatting into space with no specific person to talk to so i question the value of this "thread". If there is any one out there please send me a response.
    charles trigiani

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    Re: introduction

    Houston to Eagle One.
    We read you loud and clear.
    Welcome to the forum.

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    Re: introduction

    what the hell is mordencage??? BTW welcome to the nut house -- ET says hi.

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    Re: introduction

    so i question the value of this "thread"
    This is the best resource for large format photographers. Which large format do you use?

    and for those of you who didn't know...

    Mordanšage is an alternative photographic process that alters silver gelatin prints to give them a degraded effect. The mordanšage solution works in two ways: it chemically bleaches the print so that it can be redeveloped, and it lifts the black areas of the emulsion away from the paper giving the appearance of veils. Once the emulsion is lifted, it can then be removed or manipulated depending on the desired outcome. Areas where the emulsion was removed appear to be in relief. These prints can become oxidized during their creation, further altering the tonality of the image.

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    Re: introduction

    Mordancage sounds cool! Welcome to the forum, Charles.

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    Re: introduction

    a big welcome to the forum for all the new people.

    where are you all from?

    My YouTube Channel has many interesting videos on Soft Focus Lenses and Wood Cameras. Check it out.

    My YouTube videos gallery

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    Re: introduction

    Thank you andrew for defining mordancage. I work in 4x5 and have 8x10 pinhole. I do have an 8x10 enlarger. In market for 8x10 camera. Looking at chamonix. Hugo is great guy who sells them. Need 300mm lens for 8x10. Hate e-bay. any suggestions?

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