I wanted to update. I searched for the fridge magnet (not all that hard -will keep looking however) but didn't find any. Instead, opting to try a less messy method (less messy than oil), I bought a piece of plexi and cut it to the size of the scanner with a window in the middle the longest I could make it (since I am doing these long strips of neg). I've been taping the negs to the plexi with regular scotch tape. It takes a tad longer than my simple neg under the glass method of previous but not much. So far, no newton rings and the negs look pretty crispy. Again, I am shooting tri-x with a plastic Holga so it is difficult to comment on sharpness. The "kodak" on the edge of the film I might add is not super super sharp but it seems to me this is the nature of how it is stamped on the film. There is some bleed all around it. I mean, the white of the letters sort of bleeds into the surrounding black a bit, there is not a super sharp definition. But again, I don't think this is the scan. If it is, someone please set me straight. One thing about wet scanning. Can I do this directly on the scanner glass and how do I clean up afterwords, both negs and scanner? I am under the impression I just use wipes but I have negs back from being scanned and they are still a bit oily. I would imagine the scanner becomes a mess. Any comments?