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Thread: Linhof super screen.

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    Jean-Louis Llech
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    Apr 1999
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    Linhof super screen.

    Mr Patek-Strutsky,

    I'm sorry but I think you're partially wrong...

    The Superscreen really exists. It is labelled "4x5 Super Screen", and has the reference 052522 on the Linhof Catalog.

    The second fg. is 5, I think this means that it's not a genuine Linhof part, but a third-party-manufactured product.

    But it is nevertheless on Linhof Catalog.


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    Linhof super screen.

    Monsieur Lech,

    in front of me is the factory pricelist 2003/2004, valid since 6/2003, issued by Linhof Munich and there is no super screen and no 052522.

    What document do you look at?

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    Jean-Louis Llech
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    Apr 1999
    Beauvais - Picardie - France

    Linhof super screen.

    I have an older pricelist, where the Super Screen was at $79.95.
    It has probably been withdrawn recently from their "catalog", but it was already on their pricelist when I bought my Master Technika in Munich. I had hesitated to buy one of them.

    That's why I said "you were partially wrong" when you wrote "Obviously some distributors try to make additional money by labeling their proprietary "super screens" as a Linhof product..."

    Nothing else.

    I've been using for several years the standard GG with a Fresnel behind. I'm very glad with it, and I don't intend to buy something else.

    On another hand, all focusing screens (Beattie, Bosscreen...) have so many pro's and con's that I would not know which one to buy without a serious trial before, and it seems impossible to try one before buying.


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    Linhof super screen.

    agreed ! sorry for the missing "L"

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    Linhof super screen.

    I donít want to beat a dead horse, but I have the feeling that the ones who say that the Super Screen buckles didnít use it with the cover glass. I am sure that a plastic screen by itself will warp. The Super Screen, I believe, was meant to be used with an additional support Ė the cover plate glass.

    I also donít intend to invalidate your opinions, but any mention of the Two-part Set is suspiciously absent.

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    Linhof super screen.

    The Super Screen is still current and it is still made by the makers of the Beattie Screen (Beattie's parent company). It is an American product and has never been sold by the factory to other markets or to the German market. Currently the MSRP for the Super Screen is $115.00. The current MSRP for the Overlay is $40.00.

    Please be aware that the manufacturer of this system has raised the price so high that the overlay will be more then the Super Screen in the future. For that reason the Super Screen and the Overlay will be discontinued when our present inventory is depleted. That will mean that most of the remaining Super Screens will not be available with the Overlay as we did not order Overlays at the vastly increased cost.

    The current Super Screens are the latest production and have been in stock since the beginning of this year.

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    Linhof super screen.

    According to some sources of mine Beattie sells a 4x5 clear antireflective overlay glass for Linhof for about $30.00, but I can imagine one can just cut a piece if glass of the appropriate thickness and be done with it.

    Iím still interested to hear those who used the Super Screen with the overlay and had a warping problem (I did not). To use the Screen without support IS foolish, I agree.

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    Linhof super screen.

    Sorry. The Beattie antireflective overlay glass is not part of the Linhof set, only an individual item to be used with other Beattie products.

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    Linhof super screen.

    All I can tell you Geoff is that the screen on my Master Technica was in fact installed WITH the glass overlay and it warped to the point that it looked like a chicken bone on an x ray. Call Marflex and talk to them if you want the skinny. They are factory trained professionals and deal with these variables every day. I trust their judgement and when they told me that they were junk, I had no reason to not trust their opinion. Cheers!

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    Linhof super screen.

    Doggonit :-))

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