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Thread: Questions regarding some details on the C1

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    Re: Questions regarding some details on the C1

    Quote Originally Posted by gth View Post
    Ok, thanks everyone!

    Continuing the interrogation:

    1. Short of strip and repaint what's the best method of cleaning it up?
    The magnesium surfaces are a bit "corroded" - or just have this whitish covering of the bare grey metal. Not really pitted - corrosion is maybe too strong a word.

    Basically is seems to me friction surfaces needs polish and lubrication. Especially the focus rail. Advice?

    2. Same for painted surfaces, at this point it's probably best to give a gentle cleaning with a general purpose spray cleaner and soft cloth?

    3. The bellows have been black-gunk-painted in few places but is generally in good shape. Probably have some pinholes, haven't checked yet. Any advice?

    The ol' lady is good to go, but I want to give her the respect she well deserves!
    strip and repaint

    I have one and it was a dirty green color, one way was to color match the paint in automotive paint and spray it on after it was cleaned up.

    What I did was dissemble the camera completely and go through every part with a clean scrape buff polish and adjustment. I have a buffing wheel so I took every part and got right down to the metal. Then I primed and painted it BLACK instead of the green color. Why? I prefer black to the green on them.

    The stainless steel was easy to get the sparkle back, the aluminum cleaned up very nicely too. It's an new old camera. The bellows was like it never saw the daylight, I mean really new. The tap on the bellows fits on the the pin in the front standard when the bellows is not fully extended. That prevents bellows sag. There are two holes for a wire frame that supports the dark cloth. The two stainless steel clips that have the holes are to keep the rear rail up when the camera is folded up.

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    Re: Questions regarding some details on the C1

    A few years ago - when I purchased my Black Monster - I contacted Calumet parts and was able to purchase a couple of the missing screws etc for my camera.

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