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Thread: What did I do wrong here? Light Leak in holder or lens flare?

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    Re: What did I do wrong here? Light Leak in holder or lens flare?

    I found the culprit, metal screws in the inside of the bellows to the bellows frame.

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    Re: What did I do wrong here? Light Leak in holder or lens flare?

    but you seem to have had three distinct sources of light onto the film rather than just one so that doesn't quite explain the problem...

    and the extra exposure is more than I'd expect to see from a simple internal reflection because you seem to have more than 1 extra stop exposure in places and I don't understand how you can more than double the exposure by reflecting the same light that's coming thru the lens. The physics strongly implies a seperate light source like a leak somewhere.

    of course, there's still the observation that it's only the one frame you've had mucked up so it may be a transient problem from how the holder was mounted in the camera for that particular shot or some other handling factor like pulling the holder loose when you tug the dark slide. So, if you cover the screw head in black paint and never get another problem it doesn't mean that the screw head was the problem.

    in passing I've also read people saying they've had light leaks thru the film holder's light trap when they tried leaving the dark slide partly inserted so it'd be easier to replace after the exposure [may not apply to you, of course]

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    Re: What did I do wrong here? Light Leak in holder or lens flare?

    I don't think that it's the screws. If it were the screws, you'd see sort of a "halo" on the film, and certaintly not the main light leak. The bellows in that area looks like it's attached a bit flimsily. Send the camera to someone who does bellows work and get it attached properly, or at least get some matte black tape, and tape the area.

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