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Thread: Nudes in Madison, WI

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    Nudes in Madison, WI

    I'm currently seeking an interesting venue for a nude photo shoot. This is a photo shoot for the Suicide Girl organization, so something a bit edgy or off-kilter is desired. As it is winter in this wonderful state, outdoor photos are not an option. My photographer and I haven't definitively decided on a setting, although he is interested in an abandoned warehouse or factory. I am more inclined to seek out an affordable bounce house. Either way, any and all suggestions are appreciated.


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    Re: Nudes in Madison, WI

    This time of the year, an abandoned warehouse or a factory will be way too cold for a nude shoot (unless you can ignore the goose bumps).

    Look for a heated location with plenty of natural light.

    Hey, why not take your models down to Miami, FL?

    South Beach seems like a much more practical location for a winter nude shoot.

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    Re: Nudes in Madison, WI

    Nothing against girls showing off on the internet if you're self-aware and that's what you want, but the Suicide Girls business is a rip-off for both the model and especially the photographer. Do a little research, they have a lousy reputation. Your naked pictures will belong to them forever, without compensation, as soon as you submit them. They even resell the pix to third-party porn sites.

    You might not care now but someday you probably will. There are alternative sites that are more respectful and will pay you while you retain control of your images.

    That said, the best sets usually are well lit and shot by Shaun in LA in minimalistic, expensive homes. The abandoned warehouses and motel room have been done to death.

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    Re: Nudes in Madison, WI

    Frank-Thank you for your input. In regards to your concern for my future, I have a terminal illness, and am currently living my life to the fullest. If you have any suggestions as to better alternative websites where I may send photos of a similar nature, I would love to hear them. I am aware of the complaints against Suicide Girls, as I have done my research into their company, but from the girls I know who model for them, their experience hasn't been a negative one. Again, any alternative companies would be appreciated.

    Gem-I would love to be somewhere warm right now, but unfortunately, I am in Wisconsin.

    Again, any suggestions of actual local locations are valued.

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    Re: Nudes in Madison, WI

    The first thing that comes to mind is pure suicidal...shoot in the capital.

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    Re: Nudes in Madison, WI

    I'm in Madison... Can I watch?

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    Re: Nudes in Madison, WI

    You can rent studio time at MLP studio in Racine. Decent rates and lots of equipment to use. Len

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