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Thread: 4 x 5 Dedicated Film Scanners ? !!!

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    4 x 5 Dedicated Film Scanners ? !!!

    I have been given the task of finding a mid o high end film scanner, specifically for 4x5 and 120 film, for the design company that I work for. I'm interested in knowing A) What's on the market and B) How good is it? What factors are most important as far as specifications?

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    4 x 5 Dedicated Film Scanners ? !!!

    If you're talking high end you're talking drum scanners. If you're talking mid-range you're talking USED drum scanners. A used Howtek 4000 or 4500 will be from $4000 - $7000 - nothing will come close using CCD technology at that price level. PMT's are the way to go. Low end is CCD technology - there you will find the Polaroid, Minolta, etc... scanners. The Imacon is a CCD scanner that approaches PMT scanners, but still loses out with regards to Dmax and noise - and is more expensive than a better used PMT scanner.

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    4 x 5 Dedicated Film Scanners ? !!!

    Nikon, Polaroid & Imacon all currently make well supported hi-res scanners. but defining high end is the trick. what youwantto look for is resolution, color depth and density range, preferably you want a firewire connection forthe best spped (with desktop scanners).

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    4 x 5 Dedicated Film Scanners ? !!!

    I second the choices Wayne has mentioned. I recently purchased a used Howtek D4000 specifically to get high-end drum scanning on a budget (for more info on high end scanning, check out the Yahoo group ).

    Because repro houses etc are dropping drum scanners for the convenience of digital capture and CCD scanners like the Imacon, there are some drum scanner bargains to be had.

    A Howtek D4000 or the D4500 (larger drum, so better for 8x10) can now be purchased with software for around USD4,000 up. I could not be more happy with my D4000. Fabulous quality, but it is more difficult to learn to use than a "plug-and-play" CCD scanner.


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