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Thread: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    rodenstock 135mm double anastigmat
    boyer 180mm
    aldis 210mm
    heliar 180mm
    apo lanther 150mm

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    I only have 1 right now a 150.

    Planning to get are 90 (really wanted a 75, but don't want the added $ of a center filter), and a 300.

    The original planned kit was 75-150-300 (2x focal length between each lens), final kit will be 90-150-300
    My alternative kit was 90-180-360 (2x focal length between each lens)

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    Same main kit as rfesk:

    Nikkor 90/8
    Sironar-N 135/5.6
    Fujinon-A 240/9

    I love it, but have been lusting for a Nikkor 300M for over a year. Too rich for me right now, plus what I really want is something even longer to cherry pick landscapes, but my Tachihara will likely only take a 300. In any event, I'm happy with what I have.

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    Schneider 90mm f/8 SA, 120mm f/8 SA, 150mm f/5.6 Symmar-S, 210mm f/5.6 Symmar-S, 305mm f/9 G-Claron, 360mm f/6.3 Tele-Xenar. The 120, 210 and 305 do double-duty on my whole plate camera. Most used on my 4x5 are the 90, 150 and 210.

    Peter Gomena

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    75mm f4.5 Rodenstock, 90mm f4.5 Rodenstock, 101mm Achromatic Meniscus, 108mm W. A. Dagor 125mm f5.6 Fuji early single coated, 131mm Protar VIIa, 150mm Voigtlaender Heliar, 150mm Hermagis Eidoscop, 162mm Cooke Series III, 170mm Kodak f7.7 dialyt coated, 180mm Fuji F9a, 210mm Computar f9, 225mm Schneider Dagor type G-Claron, 270mm Goerz Artar coated. All I can remember just now.
    He is no fool who gives what he cannot gain that which he cannot lose. Jim Elliot, 1949

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    Good grief, this newbee would be embarrassed to disclose my meager set after these.

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    47mm SA XL
    65mm F4 Nikon SW
    90mm F5.6 SA db mounted
    150mm Sinaron WS (80 degree one)
    210mm F5.6 Fuji W (58mm filter one)
    420mm Apo Ronar F9

    Thats what tends to get lugged around with the Sinar F in the back pack, if the P comes out to play I can jam the 120mm Nikon Sw in too ..... then if the 10X8 is with me all of the following some times get used on the 5x4

    240mm Symar s
    360mm F6.8 rodenstock n
    600mm F9 Apo Ronar CL
    750mm F14.5 Doctor Apo Germinar

    the 180mm Sinaron SE and the 300mm Symar s rarely come out to play fro the cupboard.

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hector.Navarro View Post
    4x5 everything

    127mm Tominon
    210mm Fujinon W
    add to that a 135mm Symmar-S with genuine schneideritis

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    For 4x5: 65,90,150,240,300
    For 810: 240, 300

    Quote Originally Posted by lilmsmaggie View Post
    Curious to know what lenses 4x5 LF photographers lens kit consists of whether it be primarily for landscape, architecture, portraits or a bit if this and a little of that.

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    Chamonix 045n-2

    75mm Nikkor-SW 4.5
    90mm Nikkor-SW 8
    150mm Rodenstock Sironar-N 5.6
    150mm Schneider G-Claron 9
    210mm Komura Commercial 6.8
    David Aimone Photography
    Critiques always welcome...

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