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Thread: Sekonic Light Meter repair

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    Sekonic Light Meter repair

    Well, they don't make them like they used to. My 35 year old Sekonic Studio Inci dent Light Meter started lying to me yesterday. Needle looks like it is hanging up. Anybody repair these for less than an arm and leg?

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    Sekonic Light Meter repair

    You might want to get a hold of this guy in Vt. His name is Richard Ritter.

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    Sekonic Light Meter repair

    George Milton Quality Light Metric Co. 7060 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 415 Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 467-2265

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    Sekonic Light Meter repair

    I'd second the Quality Light Metric suggestion, they've fixed things fast and well for me many times.

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    Sekonic Light Meter repair

    You could try Sekonic themselves, or their importer.

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    Sekonic Light Meter repair

    Assuming you're referring to what was originally the Norwood Director, as of 4/9 9 MAC's repair price was $58-$76 for an L-398 and $67-$96 for the earlier L-28C.

    If you're in the US, call up Mamiya America at 914-347-3300 for current info.

    I have an L-28 that's doing the same thing but I think I'm going to just repla ce it with a new small "featureless" meter, which is relatively inexpensive.

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