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Thread: where do you put cpp2 processor?

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    where do you put cpp2 processor?

    Ok, I am moving to one bedroom apartment, space is limited. I would like to put the processor on a small table and put the drums under the desk. I have been trying to find a perfect table for it. Any suggestions?

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    Re: where do you put cpp2 processor?

    I built a trolley for mine from pine & MDF, mostly off-cuts I had on hand. That way everything was where I needed it and I could wheel it out of the way when not needed.

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    Re: where do you put cpp2 processor?

    I bought the RubberMaid commercial utility cart shown here
    It was a little over $100 then. I store pieces parts under and wheel it from the basement area into my darkroom and put it in an 8 foot sink when I want to process film. In three years it has earned its keep without problems.


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    Re: where do you put cpp2 processor?

    If you are in a waterless room with CPP-2, you can use what I had to do while in Phoenix --
    I took a large wastebasket and added a cooler fitting (has hose thread) to bottom, and supported this on a shelf above the CPP-2. Add ice and water after connecting to the cold water inlet on rear.

    Add hose to drain on rear and drain into another wastebasket at floor level.

    you now have portability.

    BTW, the cold tap water temperature in summer in Phoenix is 82 to 84....which is why I used the ice water method to provide cooling without paying for a chiller....its far cheaper ;-)

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    Re: where do you put cpp2 processor?

    How 'bout my house? ;-)

    (someone had to say it...)

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    Re: where do you put cpp2 processor?

    When I moved to Atlanta, I lived in an apartment for a couple of months - I kept the CPP2 on top of the kitchen cabinets and processed a heap of film with it next to the kitchen sink after the family had retired for the night - just popped it down and put the drain line down the sink - got a lot of film testing done in those months. It's relatively lightweight, so putting it away at the top of a cupboard or whatever when you're done with it is hardly a chore. Leaving water in them anyway is not a great idea - it gets nasty fast.

    While mine is now set-up in a new darkroom, because of warm water in the summer, I also don't bother connecting the water inlet - I simply use a stainless steel jug in the end of the tempering bath (where the drum roatates) with a couple of scoops of ice in it, which I can replenish when they have melted.

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    Re: where do you put cpp2 processor?

    I used Gorilla Racks in my tiny studio in LA. It worked just fine. They are sturdy and easy to setup and tear down. Home Depot, Orchard Supply, etc...will have them.

    Of course...I was VERY careful about spills!


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    Re: where do you put cpp2 processor?

    When I had mine at home it sat on one of the small-sized fold-out tables, which was a perfect size for it. Could still store tanks, buckets, etc. underneath it. It was a good cheap solution for me.

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