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Thread: Gnassgear ripoff

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    Re: Gnassgear ripoff

    Don't be hard on yourself Dave. That was an intelligent move on the insurance and tracking, and there will always be cheapskates out there who want everything for nothing. I for one believe in your integrity and hope others can see the same in you.

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    Re: Gnassgear ripoff

    Just as an FYI, I wandered into the Outdoor Research store a couple of weeks ago, and saw that they have some pouches similar to the lens pouches that PhotoBackpacker sells. OR makes some pretty good gear, so that might be a good choice also.

    I'm planning to head back over to their store sometime with my 720mm lens so that I can make sure that I get a pouch that fits it properly

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    Re: Gnassgear ripoff

    I have several Gnass products and they are all excellent. However, > 1 year ago I ordered a focusing cloth. The item was charged to my credit card immediately. I knew it sometimes took awhile to get the merchandise so I waited and then forgot about it for some months. Then I sent an email... Nothing has ever happened, the website is down, and I am out of my money. Too bad. I wish someone would copy his design for for the bag that holds 4x5 film holders.

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