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Thread: Deardorf 8x10 Bellows Extension

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    Deardorf 8x10 Bellows Extension

    The review of the 8x10 Deardorf at this site says the bellows length is 22 inche s. However, the Deardorf literature that is reproduced on this site says the bel lows extension is 30 inches. Does the 22 inch bellows actually extend to 30 inch es somehow or is there an error somewhere or am I overlooking something that sho uld be obvious (not unusual) or what? I'd just like to know how far the bellows extends. Thanks
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    Deardorf 8x10 Bellows Extension

    The review is for the 5 X 7 or 4 X 5 special which has an extension of 22". The catalog page refers to the extension of the 8 X 10 model which is 30".

    For more info go here:

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