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Thread: Bye, bye, Adorama

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    Bye, bye, Adorama

    Well, I have been a long time loyal customer with Adorama, and about 1/3 of my LF and MF gears were purchased from them, either new or used. But, about one month ago, I swore to Adorama customer service that I would never purchase anything from them. I've had very bad experiences with them recently.

    Five months ago, I ordered a used Schneider Super Symmar 210HM lens from them, and after I had waited for two weeks, they cancelled my order for no reason.

    Three months ago, I ordered a Nikkor 90SW lens in EX+ condition. When I received it after ten days, I found they shipped me a Fujinon 90mm junk lens. I have never seen a lens in such a ugly condition in my life. Good thing is Adorama accepted my return and they told me they could not find the Nikkor lens so they shipped a wrong one.

    About two months ago, I ordered a used Sinar X by phone. After a week, I found they (eBay ID: adorwin) listed a used Sinar X with same SKU#, so I called their customer service and told them something must be wrong since each used item has a unique SKU#. They told me that everything was fine with my order and that I would receive my camera in a week. However, ten days later, right after the auction closed with a final price about $300 higher than what I paid, they cancelled my order as they told me the camera was actually in much worse condition and they could not sell it.

    Thanks for reading my stories with Adorama, and hope my bad experiences won't repeat on others. Bye, bye, Adorama.

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    Re: Bye, bye, Adorama

    I've had similar experiences with their super-sloppy rating system and 'screw you' customer service....I thought I was the only one!

    CP Goerz

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    Re: Bye, bye, Adorama

    I ordered film online from them. When it arrived, I checked the dates and it was expired. I called them, was treated like an idiot and was told I could now buy fresh film from them.

    They will never get a penny from me again.

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    Re: Bye, bye, Adorama

    Ditto on all the thing already said and add that a few years ago on three different occasions I bought used items (at a better than market price) from there web site to have the order canceled with little or no contact from them!
    Will T.

    "Galleries don't hang DxO charts" David Hull

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    Re: Bye, bye, Adorama

    In 2003 I bought a "demo" Hasselblad XPan from Adorama. I had to pay extra 140€ to have it repaired. The lens cap was missing; had to buy a new one. I had to wait 2 month for the center filter. My experience. I will never buy from them again.

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    Re: Bye, bye, Adorama

    i was buying an aristo cold light head from them a few years ago.
    better price than b/h.
    i asked a question or 2 pre-sale, they were nasty ...

    i called b/h, they matched the and even gave me an additional discount ...
    i won't buy from adorama, or even call them ...

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    Re: Bye, bye, Adorama

    I've never had a problem with them that they didn't fix. Although, I can be rather persuasive...

    For used equipment, I tend to prefer KEH or Jim at Midwest. But I have successfully purchased a number of items including a Toyo G from Adorama.

    In 4x5, I was shooting Forte 200 for awhile so that decided my film supplier. Later in 8x10 I mostly used J&C for their store film.


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    Re: Bye, bye, Adorama

    I think the consensus on Adorama is that if you're buying something used from them, buy it IN THEIR STORE so you can actually see the item in person before you leave the store with it. Otherwise, don't trust them as far as you can throw them. I think they've taken the retail philosophy of "caveat emptor" to its legally permissible extreme.

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    Re: Bye, bye, Adorama

    They did the expired film thing to me as well.

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    Re: Bye, bye, Adorama

    KEH Camera Brokers and Midwest Photo Exchange are the best places to buy used gear. Good customer service, and easy returns. The actual condition of the gear is always at least as good as their ratings.

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