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Thread: NM Badlands article

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    NM Badlands article

    In the jan 07 "New Mexico" magazine there is a comprehensive article on the badland areas that are publicly accessible. Many people don't realize this but the badlands stretch over a huge area and the Bisti Wilderness is just a small part of this.
    I live here and the article introduced me to several areas that I wasn't aware of... if you enjoy photographing in this region I would definitely recommend picking up a copy .

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    Re: NM Badlands article

    I'm still kicking myself for missing the badlands on a recent trip through NM. Funny how what seems important at the time hardly ever turns out that way.

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    Re: NM Badlands article

    Thanks, Aaron. I'll hunt down a copy.

    Of course, depending on how one defines "badlands", it might include my neighborhood in Rio Rancho.

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    Re: NM Badlands article

    You're right about that Ralph. When I was there, I don't think I could have gotten back on the highway with four-wheel drive. But that had more to do with the ice and snow than topography.

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    Re: NM Badlands article

    Last summer we had an intense monsoon that washed away many of the roads, with some several feet were lost. For some reason they keep building houses in the arroyos here.

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    Re: NM Badlands article

    I wish I had the time to photograph out West. It's been a dream of mine for many moons.
    Greg Lockrey

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    Re: NM Badlands article

    I live kinda close to Ralph and Rio Rancho declares a "state of emergency" every time we get some weather. They just got about 15 inches of snow and the town does not own any plows to take care of the snow. Guess what? A "state of emergency".

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    Re: NM Badlands article

    Way overrated. Rocks and dried up stuff everywhere

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Lockrey View Post
    I wish I had the time to photograph out West. It's been a dream of mine for many moons.

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    Re: NM Badlands article

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron van de Sande View Post
    Way overrated. Rocks and dried up stuff everywhere
    Yes, Australia is more fun. 10 deadliest snakes in the world there, you know. Had the 2nd deadliest come into the campground on my last trip there.

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    Re: NM Badlands article

    I've been there a few times, casually, not deep into it. It is a fascinating "otherworldly" kind of place full of color and suggestive forms. I would stay away if the weather has been too wet, not only is it a mud nightmare, but you leave your presence quite obviously. Be prepared to walk long distances as vehicle access is very limited.

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