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Thread: Lee Lenshood with slots

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    Lee Lenshood with slots

    Does anyone use the Universal Lee Lenshood with slots for their filters (like ND, etc.). I read somewhere that with the wide angle hood split ND filters can only be used in landscape mode but not in portrait mode. Does the same apply to the Universal Lens Hood? I like the idea of the hood, but it would only make sense for me if I can rotate that hood to accept filters also in portrait mode. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Lee Lenshood with slots

    remember that the universal is wide enough for 35mm camera wide angle lenses. It will be much more than wide enough for a 4x5 wide angle lens.

    I use a single slotted holder which is square and not rectangular. The bellows allows adjusting to avoid vignetting.

    I don't know if the universal uses the filter holder or whether it has its own slots. You should check that out. The slotted hoods are simpler in use if you don't need to be using more than 1 or 2 filters. The slotted hoods have 2mm slots so if your filters are thicker than that, you may need to use a holder and a hood.

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