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Thread: Hello from Italy

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    Hello from Italy

    Hello everybody,

    My name is Stefano, I'm italian photographer. I've been using large cameras for a long time. I usually use a 8x10 Lotus view camera for my contact prints with AZO paper and my 5x7 Linhof for my Platinum/Palladium prints.

    I hope to meet here lots of new Large(format) photography users to learn new things.

    BYE - CIAO

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    Re: Hello from Italy

    Welcome to the LF Forum, Stefano.

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    Re: Hello from Italy

    Welcome to the LF Forum Stefano! A great resource indeed.
    I just bought something manufactured in Italy: Lacuna Coil's CD, "Karmacode". My seventeen year-old was fascinated when I asked him about them. I saw them on Jimmy Kimmel Live and haven't been the same since.
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    Re: Hello from Italy

    Ciao Stefano,

    Welcome! My grandparents are from Italia, but unfortunately I never learned how to speak Italiano. My wife & I had a wonderful time in Italia last year and we hope to be back in the near future.

    I use many different formats and many different processes, my favorites being 8x20 (inches) and Palladium. Feel free to contact me for help...

    Ciao, Pete

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    Re: Hello from Italy

    Ciao Stefano

    Just was for a short trip in the Novarra region at lago O'rta, as always very nice to be in Italy, forca Italia!
    I had my 8x10 Burke & James with me and my wife and we had a very good time!
    Soon I will also start with alt processes, but bevor I start with some AZOs!
    Welcome from Switzerland, Armin

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    Bonjourno Stefano,

    Nope, I'm NOT Italian! Just a lover of Italian food, wine, and...... more wine!

    At any rate... welcome to the forum. There's some marvelous people here who are more than generous with their time and knowledge. So, learning new things isn't going to be a difficult thing for you to do.

    BTW, we're hoping to be in the Super-Tuscan wine region next year for a month and I will definitely be loading up my LF gear to bring with me! I can hardly wait!

    Life in the fast lane!

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