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Thread: Robert White viewing bellows?

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    Robert White viewing bellows?

    Anyone here have any experience with the Robert White viewing bellows for the Ebony cameras? I was bidding on a used Ebony bellows but got sniped with under a minute left on the auction. I'm thinking that the RW bellows is about half as much as the Ebony one so that would save me some $$. Also, does anyone know if the back opens up at all so that you can view the ground glass directly? Thanks!

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    Re: Robert White viewing bellows?

    Andrew I have the Ebony viewing bellows purchased from Badger when I purchased my camera. I originally purchased it with the bellows viewing loupe option so it came with the removable back that holds the loupe. Without the loupe attachment which is held in place with Velcro, the back is opened. It is simply a bellows with an opened back.

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    Re: Robert White viewing bellows?

    I had the RW bellows for about a month and sold it. I didn't like it very much. As I recall it was difficult to use in dim light and with some lenses I couldn't see the entire image at once, I had to move the bellows around to see the edges and corners. These may be problems endemic to all viewing bellows, this was the only one I've ever used, so I don't know whether the Ebony branded one would be any better or not.

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    Re: Robert White viewing bellows?

    I have one. It's practical for a travel setup, as it packs well - I just leave it on the camera.

    I replaced the loupe with a higher diopter (replaced the closeup lens with a Hoya).

    The bellows is self-supporting - for a while. After about 200-300 full extensions it is just a loose floppy bellows, you have to support it with one hand. Not very impressive.

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    Re: Robert White viewing bellows?

    Thanks guys! I got a line on an Ebony focusing bellows so I guess I don't need any more info on the RW one, but the responses sure were helpful.

    Hey Lars, still shooting with that 23S? I wound up selling mine earlier this year and will be taking delivery on a used SV45Ti this week. Now to shoot some 6x12 and 4x5's!

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