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Thread: Lab recommendations for processing 8 x 10 C41?

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    Lab recommendations for processing 8 x 10 C41?

    Hi All,

    I have around 70 sheets of 8 x 10 C41 Kodak 160 NC to process. Many contain large areas of open sky and subtle gradation The lab I used to process the first 6 sheets was unable to attain even densities in the skies and I have lost those images due to the heavy mottling of the silver that has occurred (we think) during agitation. The lab tested grey card exposures again and again and could not achieve even density. They eventually gave up and I now have to find another reliable solution.

    Can anyone, from experience, suggest a lab who could reliably get the evenness required across these extremely even toned 8 x 10 sheets?

    I will happily courier to the USA or the UK to find the right lab.



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    Lab recommendations for processing 8 x 10 C41?

    Hi Murray.

    I am pretty sure that my lab here in Stockholm Sweden can help you.
    It is a lab that specializes in exhibition prints and alot of the customers are
    serious professional photographers whom shoot 8x10.

    I myself, let them develop my 12x20 HP5 in their dip & dunk machine.
    They built a special rack for me and did several processing tests to assure TOTAL
    eveness! I am quite sure that they have the same processor for C-41...
    Their machine according to them is built to be able to handle LF films.

    This is also the same lab with whom I am building a horizontal 20x24 color enlarger.

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    Lab recommendations for processing 8 x 10 C41?


    Try Color Services. They are a wonderful lab outside of Boston that does processing and exhibition printing for commercial and fine art photographers from all over. They have done a lot of work on the even skies problem with 8x10 C-41. Marc Elliot is the owner. They are fabulous. Talk to him and try sending a few sheets. Best of luck.


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    Lab recommendations for processing 8 x 10 C41?


    I've had no luck finding a lab that will give me even processing for my 4x5 color negatives and have lost far to many images to poor processing. It's very ,very frustrating. I posted a question on this site about C41 processing at home and got some surprising information. A number of people are using rotary processors like Jobo and Wing Lynch, others are hand processing in deep tanks in their own darkroom. I have always relied on pro labs to process my E6 and C 41, but I do all my own B&W processing. About a year and a half ago I began to see this mottling in the clear sky shots in the C41. I have tried four different labs and none of them have been able to produce even processing - you won't see it unless you have large areas of smooth even tone. I am going to follow the technique of one of photographers that posted to my question and try hand processing at home. He claims to have excellent results using deep tanks with Flexicolor chemistry processing 4x5 and 5x7 and he's been dong it since 1985. I have 140 sheets of film from my last trip and I don't intend to lose them. It seems to me that sheet film is no longer the industry standard for high quality commercial work and the labs no longer need to cater to large format photographers. I'd be interested in hearing about your results if you decide to try the lab in Sweden and or Boston. For me, I'm going try processing at home. I have all the equipment and am willing to learn to master the technique. If you want it done right do it yourself.

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    Lab recommendations for processing 8 x 10 C41?


    My question on C41 processing was posted on 08-03 - hope this information helps


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