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Thread: Poco B restoration

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    Poco B restoration

    hello, i have poco B 5x7 camera and i was wondering if you know if anyone can make or where to buy materials to make the "red bellows" also how to strip the leather on the box so i dont damage the wood and any tips for gluing new leather?

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    Re: Poco B restoration

    I have done some work (many years ago!) on the bigger Poco 8x10. My leather covering the "box" was in very good condition, apart from a few places where a black dye could cover the emerging red marks under the black skin. The box is genuine hard wood, but, in my view, is not attractive enough to be left without a new leather cover. Embossed thin leather is available at micro-tools germany. You will not be able to match the pattern exactly. Every maker had their own distinct pattern on the leather. It is possible to add embossing lines to give that professional finish necessary. Although it is a water based glue and the hard wood should be OK with moisture, it is safer to use a mechanical scrape and sand method to remove the leather remnants!

    But I have made a complete bellows - even without having an bellows to use as a guide. I'll find the old post later to-day and add some photos as these went missing in one of the LFPF site crashes! I used the 4 piece coated paper system which is a comparatively simple method.

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