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Thread: Need Some Paper...

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    Need Some Paper...

    i can't imagine why nobody bid on this lot of paper - it looks so nice and bright in the photo!

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    Need Some Paper...

    That was hilarious!

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    Need Some Paper...


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    Need Some Paper...

    You just know it had to happen someday.

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    Need Some Paper...

    I agree with you, Scott. C'mon guys the guy has 100% positives in rating, what are you dubious about?

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    Need Some Paper...

    Someone must have given him a hint - it says in the posting that the seller ended the auction early because the item listed was damaged - I wonder why??????

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    Need Some Paper...

    Thanks for the laughs. But the paper was so old that it would probably have been heavily fogged anyway...

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    Need Some Paper...

    Anyone catch the total number of hits that auction had? (10,830 !!!!!!!!) How can I get my auctions to have that much traffic? Maybe I can take a picture of some 8x10 Ektachrome sheets, fanned out, to show how many are in the box?

    Thanks for the laugh Scott!


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    Need Some Paper...

    David - the fan-out approach is far more effective with hundred-sheet boxes of film, or 500-sheet boxes of paper. ;-)

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