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Thread: Digital Related Forums

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    Digital Related Forums

    What are digital photographic forums of which you're aware? I know about, Rob Galbraith, and the epsonwideformat forum at Yahoo. The digital responses on our forum here have been first rate. But, my questions sometimes go beyond applications that relate to LF.

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    Digital Related Forums

    Hi Neil :-)

    I've had good luck with the forums over at for digital stuff.

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    Digital Related Forums

    The Luminous Landscape has a lot of digital stuff.

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    Digital Related Forums

    Some others:

    Usenet has:

    Yahoo has:

    MIS runs their own captive forum:

    There are doubtless others. Those are just the ones I came up with off the top of my head. You might wonder how a 4x5 shooter has this information. So do I....

    Bruce Watson

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    Digital Related Forums

    Hi Neil,

    Worth looking at.

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    Digital Related Forums

    I second Fred Miranda. Also, if you have a really thick skin and are willing to wade through all of the BS troll postings and bickering, there is some info to be gleaned from as well.

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    Digital Related Forums

    Hands down, it's

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