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Thread: Sekonic L-608 light meter

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    Sekonic L-608 light meter


    I searched through e-bay to look after Sekonic L-608 Light meter and there are few threads about US meters vs. Hong-Kong meters vs European ones. Is anybody more knowledgeable about it?

    What I should be aware of? Is there any tricks?

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    Sekonic L-608 light meter

    I do not know about different versions but we did an article a couple of years ago called Zoning with the Multi-Tasking Meter that was a how-to with the L-608. It is in the Free Articles section of our web site

    steve simmons

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    Sekonic L-608 light meter

    I was hoping someone else would know the answer...

    When I was researching the Sekonic L-558 I remeber reading about compatability problems between non-US meters and the remote flash units used in the US. If I recall, this was the only point of difference between them.

    I can't seem to confirm this now, however, so take this with a grain of salt.

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