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Thread: 11x14 Camera recommendation?

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    11x14 Camera recommendation?

    I was given some good information relating to my possible format change up to 11x14 in a previous thread I started.
    Can anyone that has worked or is currently working in this format recomnend a maker.
    I have narrowed my choices down to the Canham (light weight but $6000.00), Wisner P lightweight (lightweight $4000.00, delivery issues?), or Phillips (If I can get it?) I'm leaning towards the Wisner.
    Any other suggestion's would also be greatly appreciated.

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    11x14 Camera recommendation?

    Hi Michael,

    It's a "no brainer". Jim, at Midwest Photo Exchange, in Columbus, Ohio, has a new (demo) 11x14 Tachihara listed on his website for $2,995. He also lists the 11x14 wooden Tachihara film holders for $299. Don't under estimate the build quality of the Japanese Tachihara cameras. They have been making cameras for a long time. Jim will be back in the store tomorrow (Friday) at 10AM Eastern. You can E-mail him today (

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    11x14 Camera recommendation?

    Last I heard Dick Phillips has one new 11x14 left. Contact him now if you want it!

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    11x14 Camera recommendation?

    I have the Wisner P and like it alot. The best advice would be to talk to Jim at Midwest as suggested above; I bought my camera through him and it was easy. You can talk to him about the different models of cameras at the same time. I suspect there is normally less of a delivery issue if you go through the dealer, rather than ordering directly from the factory.

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    11x14 Camera recommendation?

    The 11x14 Tachihara is *extremely* heavy - manufacturer's specification is 15 kg. Yes, that's kilograms, not pounds.

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    11x14 Camera recommendation?

    If you are interested in the Wisner "P" series I'm a Wisner ULF dealer and am having (1) new 7x17, and have already in (1) 12x20 P with 11x14 reducing back (due in) within 2 weeks. If you got the 12x20 with 11x14 back you would have 2 cameras in one.If you are set on an 11x14 alone it will take 6 to 12 months to get it in. I live 1.5 hours from the Wisner factory and will go through the camera personally before shipping to you. This is very, very important. You can visit my website for more info or contact me personally. Emile.

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    11x14 Camera recommendation?

    Go with the Canham or Philips save yourself a lot of problems I will be ordering a 14x17 canaham from Jim at midwest
    when he gets back Fri no more Wisner B.S for me.Good luck with whatever camera you choose

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    11x14 Camera recommendation?

    If that's not a typo, then the Tachi weighs just about double the Canham. Then again, the price is half, and the availability is today. Still, I vote for the Canned Ham. Assuming it is too late to get the Phillips, that is.

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    11x14 Camera recommendation?

    Dick Phillips had two ready-to-ship horizontal only 11x14s as of two weeks ago from a batch he made last year. If you will not be needing a reversible back, then his camera would be a really good option.

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    11x14 Camera recommendation?

    Clay ,

    For how much does Dick Phillips sells the 11x14 cameras ? I never see a price when people discuss those cameras...



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