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Thread: A home-made enlarger stand.

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    A home-made enlarger stand.

    My recently acquired Federal 450 has initially occupied my Black & Decker Workmate 425 folding work bench, which has been inconvenient as far as wood working goes, so I finally got the chance to go to the hardware & home improvement big box store to get lumber for making a stand. Two 8' 2 x 2's plus 2 10' 1 x 4's make up the frame, and a top was cut from a 2' x 4' plywood handi-panel. All assembly was done with pocket hole screws:

    The frame wood was miter cut by hand, with a miter box and backsaw:

    Hope you like it,

    Regards, John
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    Re: A home-made enlarger stand.

    I had to chuckle when I studied your photo. You see, it's a lot like my first darkroom back some 40 years ago. The only difference is that I didn't have the skill to build a nice stand like you did. I sat my enlarger on the toilet.

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    Re: A home-made enlarger stand.

    My wife would kill me...


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    Re: A home-made enlarger stand.

    Nice stand,,i have built mine as well,but your build is very nice and it looks plenty sturdy.

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