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    RE: Glass plate holder construction

    Does anyone know a site that details the construction of glass plate holders? Also what to look for in purchasing a used glass plate holder? Have some unopened boxes of "Eastman Universal Plates" that I would love to see if I could capture any images with. Also good possibility of acquiring some "recently" expired 4x5 glass plates that were made to be used with an Electron Microscope which I'm sure I would have a lot better chance of capturing images with.

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    Re: Glass plate holder construction

    I don't know of any sites which have a comparison of the various types. does have a range of the earlier single and double plate holders and is worth a visit. If you describe the camera you have, it would help. Cameras up to around WW1 were provided with plate holders, many of which have had film sheath holders installed. It may not be obvious, as these simple metal adaptors fit very well. Only special purpose cameras in the "Fidelity" era, like scientific and astronomy cameras were fitted with plate holders ex-factory.

    Early camera makers made individual choices as to holder dimension and fitting systems! Even in Germany.

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    Re: Glass plate holder construction

    Aside from getting the perfect plate holders as a birthday present, the easiest and least expensive option is to purchase some old wood film holders and convert them to single plate holders. Works perfectly, especially to customize to a particular plate thickness. Good luck. Fun! d

    or with more illustrations, p 26-27 here:
    Denise Ross
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    Re: Glass plate holder construction

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