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Thread: Shanghai B & W film - Annual LF and ULF sheet film Campaign 2017

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    Re: Shanghai B & W film - Annual LF and ULF sheet film Campaign 2017

    Hi All,
    I`ve ordered 3 boxes of 12x20" to 2017 prices. The factory said the minimum order should be started from 100 sheets (10 boxes).
    Anybody interested in 12x20",too?

    - just 7 boxes missing to get fresh 12x20" cutted!

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    Re: Shanghai B & W film - Annual LF and ULF sheet film Campaign 2017

    Thanks Pierre for helping me to buy. Received my 8x20 sheets yesterday. Expiry date Feb 2020. Should last me for a while..

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    Re: Shanghai B & W film - Annual LF and ULF sheet film Campaign 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by pierre506 View Post
    I quitted to organize the new campaign because I was tortured last time. Someone here even wanted to bargain me with the price, shipping cost, currency exchange...
    It's not a business to me.
    But PLEASE inform and pay me what sizes you need before January 10th.
    Same prices as the last time.
    I can report to your offer to the factory.
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    Hello Pierre.
    Although I did not ask a supply of Shanghai film in this thread campaign(or anywhere else), I highly appreciate what you have offered for this community. I believe every body feels so.
    It's great advantage, is clear on the future of film, craft and future prices.
    Thanks soooooo much Pierre.
    Hopefully, or not, I still have enough of 11X14" film.
    But wish to see you continuing to offer Shanghai films in the form of campaigns or even other forms of personal service.
    Please do not wast time negotiating(with non serious members) what has been already negotiated with the factory. Make this clear when to start another campaign for 2018(I wish really).
    It has been unclear in this thread until post# 21, on your reply to the moderator, that this thread is a campaign.
    Plus, the demand on film may be increased in 2018(this thread was started on March 2017).
    And, you may add(with thanks) a little to cover discrepancies in exchange, transfer or whatever prices.
    Prices on eBay are much inflated really.
    Please consider also, Arista Edue film prices in LF, and the recent increase(only $10) of the only instock Ilford 11X14" film.
    And let Shanghai film continue, all film sizes.
    Wish you the best Pierre.

    The generosity of spirit in this forum is great, its warmly appreciated.

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