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Thread: Homemade 4x4 filters for special FX

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    Homemade 4x4 filters for special FX


    So here's the idea:

    Buy some plexiglass from Home Depot that's about the same thickness as my LEE 4x4/6 filters. Then apply colors (Crayola markers) or texturize the plexi to the desired effect.

    Has anyone here fine this before as a workaround for alternative filters vs. the standard fare from Cokin,, HiTech, LEE, etc... before?

    I have ideas, and since materials are relatively inexpensive, experimenting is pretty cheap IMO...


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    Re: Homemade 4x4 filters for special FX

    Years ago I would test fx designs with vaseline on a glass filter and then use clear nail polish to finalize.

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    Re: Homemade 4x4 filters for special FX

    Vaseline isn't optically clear, but unflavored KY jelly is. Also, you can put the glass face up and spray above them for another diffusion effect. Also, you can sandwich them and put a liquid in them and add color. Knock yourself out!
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