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Thread: Hi From Philly Pa

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    Smile Hi From Philly Pa

    Hi all,
    first off a big thanks to all!
    this is a great site full of all sorts of info that is so hard to find otherwise.
    I finally took the plunge and bought a 5x7 Burke & Jame soff a local Craigslist add.
    Still trying to get odds and ends of equipment together, so for a time, my lope is a old projector lens and much of the other odds and ends are re-purposed items.
    Still have lots to learn, from what I'm reading, maybe a few lifetimes worth, but heck, no better way (in my mind) to learn other than doing it.

    Film is on its way, Yay!!

    Philly Pa

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    Re: Hi From Philly Pa

    welcome to the madhouse!

    ;earn by doing is the way to learn... good on ya!

    through a glass darkly...

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    Re: Hi From Philly Pa

    Welcome and congratulations on the camera!

    I'm in Philly as well. It's a great city for Photography. You may already know about these, but the Philly Photo Arts Center and Project Basho are great resources for rental facilities, workshops, etc.

    Drop me a line if you ever need any help or advice.

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    Re: Hi From Philly Pa

    thanks for the info Noah.

    Philly Pa

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    Re: Hi From Philly Pa


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