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Thread: Harrison film tent with the silver outside coming off....

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Harrison film tent with the silver outside coming off....

    The urethane coatings on the fabric eventually just break down. Same holds true of an ordinary camping tent floor (which is generally the only part of a big tent so coated).
    As already noted, moisture, DEET, tree sap, any number of chemicals can cause a problem. I haven't used my Harrison tents in a long time, but made certain they were very dry and clean when put away into storage. When I recently inspected them they were fine. A much nicer tent and more functional than the Calumet. The "floor plan" is the key.

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    Re: Harrison film tent with the silver outside coming off....

    Compared to the Redwing, Photoflex, and Calumet film changing tents, the Harrisons have a lot more open, flat-bottomed, and stable working room and are a lot more comfortable for your arm position. The smaller less expensive versions are a good value but the Harrisons are worth 2-3x as much to me from a usability standpoint. They are better constructed as well.

    With the current one I have, about a year old, I plan to make it last at least ten years by not using it with any DEET or solvents on my arms, and keeping it loosely stored in a larger container. It's mostly dry here or I'd also use a drying agent.

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    Re: Harrison film tent with the silver outside coming off....

    Ed, The Calumet has curved sides which tend to limit the amount of available working floor space. The older style of Changing room that I once had was also a royal pain to refold for storage.

    The Harrison has a much broader foot print which is more stable, but mostly gives a lot more room to spread out your film boxes and holders so they don't tumble all over each other. The medium is even adequate for 8x10 although slightly crowded. I found the changing room to be almost impossible to work with anything larger than 4x5.

    Finally, the position of the sleeves is much more convenient. They are low on the front which allows one to rest the elbows on whatever surface the tent is placed on. Much more relaxing.

    My opinion, the Harrison is extremely worth the price as it's value and convenience are much greater.
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