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Thread: 195mm f1.25 lens at SurplusShed

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    195mm f1.25 lens at SurplusShed

    This lens looks rather interesting: Can anyone guess what the coverage would be? Diameter of the lens is 155mm (6.1")

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    Re: 195mm f1.25 lens at SurplusShed

    If you google around you'll come across posts in this very forum where someone has used that lens.

    From what I saw and also what the owner said, it has decent central sharpness but quickly falls off. It also has a very strong field curvature.

    There's also an optional rear element that they used to sell that, when combined, puts the whole setup around the 300 f/2.x mark. But then, keeping those two cells aligned would be a bit of a nightmare.

    Oh... the coverage is 8x10...
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    Re: 195mm f1.25 lens at SurplusShed

    Thanks, I thought this was a new listing from SurplusShed.

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