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Thread: Scenic painted backdrops

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    Scenic painted backdrops

    I have been looking at some painted scene type backdrops. Some work I've seen where the scene type backgrounds are used look nice.But I would like to see more examples.I was wondering if any pro's here on the forum use them regularly and get some input on how popular they are with clients.

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    Re: Scenic painted backdrops

    I believe Sandro still has some theatre backdrops.
    Here's one I rented. There's some tulle in front for aerial perspective, You need that in a small studio:
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    Re: Scenic painted backdrops

    I use the freedom cloth drops from Denny's Manufacturing. All kinds - scenics and others and the fabric is really easy to work with- in fact you can iron it, steam it, throw it in the washer and dryer!

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    Re: Scenic painted backdrops

    You can get high quality muslin and canvas from and paint your own. Start with a Jacquard dye, then use sponges and brushes to add texture. Eventually you'll have a set of distinctive backdrops for 1/3 of cost.
    John Youngblood

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