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Thread: Looking for ULF made by Phillips

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    Looking for ULF made by Phillips

    Hello all,I am a ULF user from China,I used 8*10 inch Phillips viewcamera before,now I am looking for a ULF made by Phillips such as 11*14 or 12*20.Can anyone help me? And I am looking for a Portar V 325mm/f=18 that can cover 16*20. My e-mail address: Thanks for reply or info.

    Polo Yang

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    Looking for ULF made by Phillips

    Phillips does not make 12x20 cameras anymore. He does still make the 11x14 though. His email is

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    Looking for ULF made by Phillips

    Aside from ordering a new one, your best bet would be to watch ebay - they seem to come up about every 10 - 12 months or so...

    I can't remeber from Dicks notice in the last View Camera if he was making any ULF cameras in 2004 or not?
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    Looking for ULF made by Phillips

    I recently finished an article on mammoth cameras for View Camera magazine (it will be in the Jan/Feb issue). While researching the article, I spoke at length on the phone with Dick Phillips. Here's what I learned:

    He's currently finishing up a batch of 11x14 cameras. These cameras are all spoken for, but since Dick doesn't require a deposit potential buyers sometimes cancel their orders. It wouldn't hurt to give Dick a call and check the latest status.

    Next in the queue will be a batch of 7x17 cameras. As of about three weeks ago, he had buyers for approximately 1/2 of the cameras he will be building and is accepting orders for the rest. Again, if interested, give him a call.


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    Looking for ULF made by Phillips

    Many thanks to you for info. I heared of that Mr. Phillips has made two 12*20 cameras,I think it's hard to find a used one. Does the Protar V 270mm or 325mm f=18 is hard to find? My friend in China was trying to make a 16*20 ULF,used carbonaceous fibre and wood,I think it will be lightly.If it is succeed perhaps I will disremember ULF Phillips. Happy new year!

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    Looking for ULF made by Phillips


    There are a couple of businesses here in the states (Lens and Repro in New York is one) that might have or find a Protar V for you. It is all a matter of how much money you can throw at the problem. Building your own camera is a good idea; I am doing just that. I suggest you keep it simple, build a second more sophisticated one if you end up needing more. The film holder is a bit of a challenge. Sandy King is said to make fine ones if you want to call upon him through this forum. I am interested to know what the ULF world is like in China. Please do check in with us all from time to time.


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    Looking for ULF made by Phillips


    Thanks, I am not make a ULF myself,but another engineer will do that,he was a LF user too.The 16*20 inch antetype was made out,23 lb weight,the rear element can be in level and uprightness.but there are many things needs to improve. There are some ULF users in Beijing and HongKong,most of them take B&W landscape photographs.There are so many great landscape in China,the Great Wall,Dao Cheng,Himalayas,I can't spell so many placename in English.And there are absorbing distinct culture and custom in China,Chinese are amiability.

    Welcome to China,my friends. Polo

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    Looking for ULF made by Phillips


    I honor your attempts to break through the language barrier. If and when you get around to making images, the universal language, I would exchange ideas/images with you in that realm too.

    I hope to be shooting my 12x20 this summer. It is a goal worth striving for!

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    Looking for ULF made by Phillips

    I just got off the phone with Dick Phillips. His soon-to-start run of 7x17's is sold out, and he discouraged me from putting my name on the waiting list.

    A little info I picked up, for those who might be interested: he will be making approximately 15 cameras, which is the practical maximum for his shop. He has been surprised by the great level of interest. No filmholders will be made -- the camera will be designed to use at least S&S holders. The price is $4100.

    Dick told me he used a 7x17 himself for 5 years, but found that the 7" height was just too little. Issues of adequate lens coverage discouraged him from 8x20, which is why he came up with his unique 8x16 production run, which is what he personally uses.

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