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Thread: Fort Smith, Arkansas

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    Fort Smith, Arkansas

    I am going to in Fort Smith this weekend. Anything interesting in the area to shoot?

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    Re: Fort Smith, Arkansas

    You can take the old Hwy 71 North out of Alma past Lake Ft Smith and there is some good vista type shoots and there should be redbud & dogwood tree bloomed out aronf lake Ft. Smith. If you want to drive about 1 hr east of Ft Smith to Paris there is Mt Magazine the highest point between the Rocky and the Smokies, there is a new lodge up there, also Cove Lake is on the road up to the top of the mountain. About 1 hr north of FT Smith is Devils Den State park, nice stream shots and the dogwoods & red buds shout be all bloomed out there as well, several shot hiking trails there as well. Right around Ft Smith proper is the Arkansas river and the locks & damns.

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    Re: Fort Smith, Arkansas

    Ramble across the river to Van Buren, has some interesting old buildings in the downtown area. Second on the Devils Den area, interesing slump caves there where large blocks have sagged from the mountain face and left gaps you can climb in.

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    Re: Fort Smith, Arkansas

    I thought Ft Smith was gross

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    Re: Fort Smith, Arkansas

    I used to visit Ft. Smith quite often, and Miss Laura's house is interesting (the only bordello on the national register of historic buildings), and of course the Courthouse "hanging Judge" Parker made famous. This area is west of the town near the river. There is also a trolley museum nearby.

    I second the recommendation for Van Buren, accross the river (about a 5 minute drive); lots of antique shops, including one that is a camera store, and has a large collection of old cameras (I hope it is still there, great folks running it).

    I hope you enjoy your trip,

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