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I received the following by a contributor who prefers to remain anonymous:

"I have both the Lodima book and the new one. I am most disappointed with the new one. The book contains all the usual suspects--virtually nothing I haven't seen numerous times before as all prints are from the CCP collection. .......

I would see the new book as being a "greatest hits" kind of volume--most have been published elsewhere numerous times.
I've been meaning to get back to this thread. I did receive this book as a gift and after flipping through it I'm a little taken aback by the anonymous comments that QT posted.

I'm something of a Weston fan and have several books of his work and have seen exhibits of his work in various cities plus single prints in many more exhibits--and held prints in my hand at the Fogg Museum...so basically I can make a claim that I know prints that are the "usual suspects" and those which are not.

That said, in my brief look at the book I saw numerous prints that were unfamiliar to me--and many more which were uncommon to see. My first impression is that QT's "Deep Throat" has it completely wrong.

It's a bit hard to contest a "hit job" by an anoynomous commentator but I'd love to know who they are--and if they have any connection to the other books.

I'll post more when I have a better look.