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Thread: KEH quality

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    Re: KEH quality

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Kirsten View Post
    I've previously written positively about KEH quality, and a recent purchase a few weeks ago continued this positive experience - a BGN convertible Symmar which I would rate at least as EX.

    But it only takes one bad experience to change an attitude. I've just received an 8/65 Super Angulon which KEH described as EX. The photo showed a lens that looked indeed very good, and I noted its serial number, 10,0xx,xxx. It arrived today and on first impressions I was pleased to see that it appeared to be like new. The shutter and outer chrome surfaces showed barely a mark, the glass was pristine, and the shutter sounded very sweet. Then I noticed a ding on the filter thread. It could not have happened in transit as the item was securely pack and padded, AND there had previously been an attempt to repair it. This damage was obviously missed when the lens was rated. And the serial number of the lens that arrived is 9,7xx,xxx - obviously not the lens in the photograph.

    I've written to claim a return, but have not yet had a reply due to the time difference. Once happy, now unimpressed, but open to forgiveness depending on their response.
    Well image could be different from what you getting - they do warn about it. But dinged ring is kinda iffy. They do miss things every now and then. All the way to sending wrong items entirely (had this happening , wrong focal ,RB lens instead of RZ lens, or wrong caps & etc). Normally they are pretty much ok about eating their mistakes back. But it doesn't help if you were expecting something by particular time.

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    Re: KEH quality

    Just bought an excellent Nikon F3 that looks mint other than the illumination for the prism is gone, which is common. And the excellent lens is also what I would call mint minus, no defects, just older. The BGN lens I bought looks and feels like something I would use everyday, no issues at all.

    In the past I bought a BGN 180mm APO-Symmar that was also at least excellent. The one time I needed to return something it was easy and seamless. Of course if I lived in Australia it would be a hassle and if they rated it excellent then they are at fault here and should help with the shipping.

    My take on BGN is that it can be a gamble, some things are truly beat-up bargains, others are simply good users with a few minor signs of use. Excellent should be professional grade and operate perfectly.

    Knowing they have a good return policy and a large inventory is so much nicer than buying from some unknown online, it is worth a premium. And oftentimes they are selling for less than the questionable sellers so it's silly to risk dealing with eBay or forums when you have the option.

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    Re: KEH quality

    Seconded. I had a problem with a Canon zoom from them, and needed to return it. They took it back no questions asked, and posted the refund. Very easy!

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