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Thread: sprit level for tripods

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    sprit level for tripods

    I have 3030 bogen tripods for my camera. Since the tripods don't have a sprit level on itself, I'm having a little bit hard time to set composition when shooting. Then, I've heard there is a leveller that fits between center column and head of tripods from bogen. I've been looking for the product, but I could never find it. Does anybody know about this leveller or something similler which could fit to my tripods? Any input will be greatly appreciated. ric YAMA

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    sprit level for tripods

    They make small levels, some are just the actual glass or plastic tube with the bubble in it, that you could attach to your camera on the back and side. You might attach them with a magnet, the type that have adhesive on one side, so that you could remove them when transporting the camera. I used a 3047 head for years that had the levels built into the edges of its top, and never really liked that configuration; the levels are under the camera, and rather difficult to see. With them on the camera itsself, they are in plain view and you can see them, at least the rear one that tells you right to left level on the horizon, while you view the image on the ground glass.

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