So I just got back from up north and tried for the second time in my life working with a Large Format Monorail Camera * cambo with 150mm lens*

Film is still to be processed but I wanted to post first so if this film is *genius level* then I do not want any doubting Thomas types slagging me , as trying to set you up.

It was just raining very flat light, I want to shoot a series of Pine trees that are along a path.
Now here is the problem , how do I keep the front tree , middle tree , and far tree in focus. Let alone standing straight, boy using these cameras is hard.
I figured out that the only thing I could do was to keep the camera level, trees straight and close the lens way , way down as well focus on the first tree .
I used the sunny f 16 method for metering which in my estimation was around 2 second at f32.5 to 6 sec f32.5. If I am off next purchase will be a light meter, but for now I will try to use brain calculations.

I will post my results tommorow or wed and would like the lens/largeformat/geek heads give a critique and possible suggestions where I went wrong.

Should I used swings , tilts , shimfugs, stand on my head, wider lens, longer lens, or should I just give up and keep printing.

So I will post images asap and get ready for wise advice.