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Thread: New ThinkTank 4x5 belt bags - Please express interest

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    Re: New ThinkTank 4x5 belt bags - Please express interest

    Quote Originally Posted by mikebarger View Post
    Is there a more poorly made video on the internet concerning LF? However, I did express interest in 2 bags and will try to figure a way to mount them to my back pack. Belt won't work with the backpack.
    Actually, yes there are! I think I found about 20 of them when looking for "reference material" on camera movements!

    Yeah, I don't see how one can wear the bag while carrying a backpack. I don't think they are intended for that, however, I think the concept is: set your pack/bag down, unpack, set up camera and wear the belt pouch while shooting, rather than having to go back and forth to the bag for all the little bits and pieces.

    My guess is that they don't bring it to production. Last night they (Think Tank) told me that one of their other bags can hold 4x5 holders if you strip out the padding. A Mountainsmith fanny pack will probably accomplish the same thing.

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    Re: New ThinkTank 4x5 belt bags - Please express interest

    Think Tank is a great company but so is Richard Strum's Kinesis gear. Richard is a little more accessible and will do custom work, plus he tends to be a landscapist where the Think Tank crew definitely tends towards the DSLR sports photographer types.

    I think design wise, Think Tank was "inspired" by a lot of things that Richard originated, like the tops that open away from the body, the well-designed belt system, etc. and also Richard tends to do nicely fitted lightweight cases without an excess of heavy padding.

    Think Tank, for large format photographers, really does nice carry-on backpacks. Their Airport Antidote is the smallest backpack that fits even the tiny commuter planes yet still holds a laptop and a field camera kit -- very well made and highly recommended.

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