Thanks to all of you who responded to my post. I enjoyed all the posts and got a chuckle or two. For the few nay sayers, let me just say that I just today signed a 120 day contract for large bucks, on a major construction project. When I first made my 'pitch' to get the account...I showed a portfolio to the owner and chief construction engineer. I showed some of my ads from TIME and NEWSWEEK and was surprised at his reaction, when I showed him some LF, B&W big prints from a pipeline construciton project.....and he replied..."WOW!'re my man"! My point is simply this. Don't overlook hand held large format and the quality it can deliver. It impresses people who are not photo savy. Sure, I'll shoot this job with three 35's, but that Linhof Super Technika V, me the job. Richard (smiling all the way to the bank) Boulware. Thanks for your posts. (:-)