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Thread: Digital printing

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    Digital printing

    I use transparency film (Velvia and E100SW), and up until now now, have had my p rints made on Ilfochrome paper. I'm now considering digital printing, either wi th EverColor or Laser Light Photographics (Bill Nordstrom). Does anyone have an y experience with either of these?

    IlfoChrome appears to have an almost 3-dimensional quality to it when the prints are well made. Do the digital prints look as well as the IlfoChrome?

    Thanks, Bruce

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    Digital printing

    Hi Bruce. I've had prints made both by EverColor and Bill Nordstrom. They're incredible. IMHO far superior to the ILfoChrome. Bill Nordstrom is great if you don't have experience with Photoshop and sophisticated color calibration equipment for your home computer. He's a one stop shop, do it all printer. EverColor may offer the same service, but I think they're more expensive. Both are printed on the same paper (Fuji Crystal Archive) using a Lightjet 5000, so no difference in quality there. Bill was using EverColor for his prints until recently; because of a business dispute I understand Bill is now having a different lab print out his work on a Lightjet 5000 using the Fuji Crystal Archive paper. You can't go wrong with either one.

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    Digital printing

    Can you publish the URL for these companies?

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    Digital printing

    The URL for Evercolor is:

    Last time I checked, Last Light Photographics did not have a URL. You can contact Bill Nordstrom by phone at: (831)-685-1366.

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    Digital printing

    Along these lines, has anyone tried out Digital Mask at

    eventually when I do shoot my masterpiece I'll get a dye transfer print made. Has anyone done this with Digital Mask?

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    Digital printing

    Calypso Imaging, in Santa Clara, CA has just acquired a LightJet 5k, and they are serious about color fidelity. If they are in your area, you may wish to give them a call or check thier website. Click Here for Calypso.

    Both Calypso and EverColor accept imbedded ColorSync profiles for color fidelity from monitor to print.


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    Digital printing

    I apologize for the incorrect URL in my last posting.

    Calypso's URL is http://


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    Digital printing

    Personnally I still prefer the Ilfochrome medium, but the Fuji prints made digitally by Laser Light also look very good (and different). i favor them these days because of the convenience and ability to remove blemishes on the transparency, and i have found Bill Nordstrom to be responsive to specific needs. LL can print on Ilfochrome but that's significantly more expensive.

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