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Thread: In Praise of 5x7... Post'em !

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    Re: In Praise of 5x7... Post'em !

    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    I always enjoy your images along the creeks - they are so much like my area...probably because I am not that far from you, being in south central VA. As for 5X7 - I am just now stepping back into it. I got rid of my 5X7 a few years back and stuck with 4X5 and 8X10, but I have always loved the look of a 5X7 print matted and framed, and since I have gotten into cyanotype printing, I decided to get another 5X7 camera. Just purchased one from a forum member...when it arrived a week or so ago, turned out to be the one I sold on the forum 5 years ago. Seller must have purchased it from the member I sold it to.
    Welcome home...
    Thanks Randy! and what a story. Karma, whatever, we're lucky to own 5x7s

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    Re: In Praise of 5x7... Post'em !

    Quote Originally Posted by AlexGard View Post
    Is that the colour of their beaks or is it light?

    What an awesome exposure. Congrats.

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    Re: In Praise of 5x7... Post'em !

    Quote Originally Posted by Pali K View Post

    Deardorff V8 w 5x7 Back | Fujinon 210mm F5.6 | Kodak Ektachrome 64T
    JOBO CPP2 | Tetenal E6
    Heidelberg Tango PMT Drum Scanner

    The color here makes me want to run out and buy some Ektachrome. I was just pricing processing the other day, and 5x7 isn't as much as I thought it was. These look like Kodachromes from the 1940s! Beautiful. I guess there must be some routine I can run my digital shots through to mimic this look a bit. . . I should look.
    Thanks, but I'd rather just watch:
    Large format:
    Mostly 35mm:
    You want digital, color, etc?:

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