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Thread: Traveling with a monorail

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    Traveling with a monorail

    I hear of people checking their camera equipment and not having a problem. But, I've never checked MY camera. Good heavens!

    I have a larger backpack that just sneaks by the airlines' size restrictions. I carry my Arca-Swiss, extra bellows, and five lenses, all protected in their own compartment in the pack. I stow the pack and contents in an upper compartment. Other items, like my polaroid holder, filters, and stuff that's easily replaced are stored in my suitcase, duffle bag, or separately in their own bag.

    For smaller planes, I've had to yield my pack at the plane for storage in the luggage area. But, I'm there to pick it up just as it comes out, too.

    Do you have home owners or rental insurance? It might be a good idea to have photos, serial numbers, etc., of your equipment available, just in case.

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    Traveling with a monorail

    If you're looking for a new hobby Jen, you could always buy an affordable Janomi sewing machine, some 1050 denier cordura, some ensolite foam, and make your own full-custom, to-your-specs tote for your Large Format equipment

    Your film usage estimates sound good to me.

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    Traveling with a monorail

    I have friends that regularly check underwater cameras. Some of them use sturdy ice chests instead of camera cases. They are cheaper and don't scream "steal me". However, sometimes the airlines might refuse to accept liability as they are not "luggage".

    I have traveled several million miles and have learned the hard way not to trust the airlines with anything you are expecting to need again. You can and should when making connections check to each destination and then recheck. Leave yourself time. Also, be sure your carry-on can be checked in a pinch. Some airlines will almost pry them out of your hands, espcially with the very small feeder flights. So be sure they are well padded and locked. I was seperated from a Nikonos RS and 3 lenses that way one time and it didn't catch up until the following flight. This was in a 3rd world country. Nothing had been touched, but I used a whole roll of Rolaids while waiting.

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    Traveling with a monorail

    Be aware!!! Several of the airlines will weigh your carry on. If it is overweight, they will insist that you check it. Quantas and British Airways can be very un-reasonable.

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    Traveling with a monorail

    My Gowland 8x10" monorail fits in a knapsack designed for laptop computers, with 3-4 lenses, up to 5 holders, and the usual accessories. The two rails go in the bottom of the bag. No problem regarding size requirements for carry on with this setup.

    I usually am travelling with a laptop computer, so for the plane, the laptop and film go in the knapsack I carry on, and the holders go in checked baggage. The tripod goes in a Tenba TTP case, which is shippable, also checked. I also carry a spare empty film box and about 5 opaque black plastic bags (for sorting different sheets for development) in checked luggage for exposed film (but I bring them back on board--never check film).

    Five holders of 8x10" usually works for me for one excursion (a half day). I'm usually able to get back to where I'm staying to change film if I need more. Eventually I'll do some trip where I need more than that and won't have the opportunity to go back to the hotel so often, and then I'll buy a Harrison film tent.

    I definitely advocate dressing up in Tina Modotti's clothes in moderation.

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