I do a lot of 4X5 Landscape Photography and I am making the leap to an 8X10 came ra. I am considering three cameras Dick Phillips lightweight 8X10, Gandolfi Trad itional Precision 8X10 and Ebony SV810UE 8X10. Also, I am considering the collow ing Lenses: Schneider APO Tele Xenar HM 800mm/12, Compact Fujinon 600mm/11.5, Ro denstock APO-Sironar-S 360mm/6.8, Schneider Super Symmar XL 210/5.6 and Schneide r Super Symmar XL 150/5.6.

If anyone has experience with or own the aformentioned equipment, Pro or Con, pl ease let me know what you think. Thank you in advance for your help.