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Thread: 11x14 + megapixels?

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    Re: 11x14 + megapixels?

    IMO, if you're trying to figure out "equivalent megapixels" for a film format, you need to take scan DPI out of the equation, as it is more or less meaningless.

    You could make a 100,000 DPI scan of a 35mm frame with an electron microscope, which would give you a 13 gigapixel file. But you wouldn't go around saying 35mm was equivalent to 13 gigapixels would you?

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    Re: 11x14 + megapixels?

    Quote Originally Posted by willwilson View Post
    By the time 530mp digital cameras are around everybody will be shooting with the new 3d scanomatics and projecting holograms instead of making prints anyway.
    ,or you plug the printer plug in the socket in your head and print winks at people.

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