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Thread: Silverfast

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    Cool Re: Silverfast

    Quote Originally Posted by dazedgonebye View Post
    Just the same sort of advice I always get the film tests...practice....geeeze!
    I guess there aren't any "spray and pray" types in large format. :-)
    Epson Scan. It works for Ken Lee. Who am I to argue?
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    Re: Silverfast

    I use an older version of ai to copy old prints and have scanned some negatives
    I use an Epson 2450, and much prefer the silverfast.
    I have had a couple of episodes with 6x17 color negs, which I can only attribute to the epson logic that identifies what it sees, apparently by position on the glass, expectations of black where the holder ought to be, density, or just plain voodoo.
    Overall I prefer the adjustments to anything else, which only includes epson's and PSE

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