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Thread: Calumet CC-400

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    Calumet CC-400

    I recently was given a Calumet CC-400 from a local photographer for free. I couldn't be more excited, but the camera has a few problems. First off, it is missing a few of the knobs to control and lock in the amount of tilt, as well as the whole bottom rail missing all of the knobs that allow you to lock it into place. Otherwise it is fine.

    I have thought about possibly trying to find a junky camera to use the rail on mine, but I'm not sure how easy that would be. I am on a tight budget (not great for LF, i realize ). The only reason I'm even able to shoot 4x5 is because I got this for free (im 17 and already am spread between my DSLR, 6x6, 6x7 and 35mm rangefinders) I am also getting a lens, lens board, ground glass and film holders (hopefully) for free as well.

    So I have two questions, where are the best places to find parts for cameras like this? I contacted calumet, but they didnt seem very optimistic about the parts. They want me to send a picture of the camera so they can see what parts they have to fix it. Or, does anyone on here have a junk CC-400 (or one of the 402, 403's) they would be willing to let go for relatively cheap.

    Here is a picture of the camera.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Calumet CC-400

    I think that Calumet is still stocking a good many of the parts you need. Contact their repair department at 1-800-calumet.
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    Re: Calumet CC-400

    The stock parts are wing nuts. Just go to a hardware store and get some nuts and washers. A fair amount of LF stuff is just common hardware store type nuts and bolts.

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    Re: Calumet CC-400

    I have already done that for some parts, but the bottom rail cannot be solved so simply. As it is right now, the camera cannot be locked straight up and down. When sitting on the rail, it spins around. I need some way to lock it in, and cannot currently do that due to the missing parts. It is supposed to look like this. I will look for DIY solution though.

    Those black knobs on the bottom rail are what allow you to lock the camera in an upright position. It is more complicated than just a wing-nut and some other parts. It has a wheel on the bottom that is also missing that helps lock the camera into position. Hard to see in these pictures though.

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    Re: Calumet CC-400

    These things routinely sell for ~ $100 on ebay in great shape. Poke at Calumet some more but don't spend much on it. Great camera by the way. I have 8 view cameras and it is still my favorite back of a Arca Swiss and a Crown. It is not the cost of the View camera that is going to kill you. What about all the other falderall. (lens, dark cloth, loupe, film holders, developing tanks, enlarger or scanner, tripod, light meter, filters, film, etc, etc, etc.). K

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    Re: Calumet CC-400

    I understand what you are saying about the cost. The main reason I'm being able to shoot this is I will be saving a lot of money on the actual camera so I can then spend it on film and developing. Only things I still need are the lens, lens board, ground glass, film holders (all of that is gonna be given to me for free as well) and a loupe. The fact I got all that for free is gonna allow me to shoot it, essentially. I am gonna be shooting mostly b/w and developing at home.

    Thanks to all. I'll be trying to get in touch with calumet again and see what the prices are if they have the part.

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    Re: Calumet CC-400

    If it is only the front that can't be locked then you're OK. Simply fix the front with duct tape or wire or drill a hole and bolt it down... and do all your focusing with the rear. The down side, besides the cosmetics and ridicule you may absorb, is that the rail may poke you in the eye because you'll want to have extend to the rear. If that bothers you, determine how much rail you can live with and take a hacksaw to it.

    If it is both standards and you are really desparate, then spring loaded "A" clamps and small "C" clamps could probably be rigged.

    Why spend $50 on parts when you can buy a perfect version of this camera for $75-$100 shipped? Heck make an appeal here because there are several nice folks who might help you out.

    On the plus side, it is an idea camera to spongepaint the bellows. You wouldn't do that with a $4000 Ebony.

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    Re: Calumet CC-400

    Over the years I have accumulated half a dozen or so CC-400 parts cameras, far more than I will ever need. I can give you any parts you want, except for bellows (still available from Calumet). Let me know exactly what is required and I'll send them to you. Some pics might be good. What is a CC-403? I have CC-400, 401, 402.

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    Re: Calumet CC-400

    The rail has a slot in it and the guides that move along the rail will have a slot in them on the inside - a small shim is placed in the guide that prevents the camera from moving. you can make these shims from any 1/8th inck piece of steel. The knobs and bolts can be replaced at lowes or home depot just bring in the camera part to match the size. I have the same camera.

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    Re: Calumet CC-400

    Tyler, Mr. Galvin is well known for his mechanical expertise. With his help, you'll be able to fix anything with this camera.

    These are very good cameras, by the way. You should have a lot of fun with it.

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