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Thread: hiya from london

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    Re: hiya from london

    Quote Originally Posted by monsta View Post
    hiya PB, it's monst67. most of the images there are 35mm and digi though. i see taat your on a sandwell college course, i did that years ago when the photographic bit was based in wednesbury, many many moons ago.


    Did the course ever do you any good?

    As I am having serious doubts about going back next year!

    To be honest at the moment I am asleep during the lessions as I have done most of it before (How to load a 35mm camera), I have had a darkroom on and off since the age of 16, hopefully next year will be more exciting

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    Re: hiya from london

    Welcome from Cambridge. Also wet and grey. Where have our UK summers gone to?


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