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Thread: Epson R2400 Banding under Mac OS 10.5.2?

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    Re: Epson R2400 Banding under Mac OS 10.5.2?

    Quote Originally Posted by 45photo View Post
    And the verdict is.....bad print head needs to be replaced. Cost $300. Banding we not the right term, what I was seeing was electrical charges causing thin vertical lines all bunched together making about a 1 inch "band" down the paper.
    Unfortunately, as I hinted, it would seem that faulty print heads are quite a common problem.

    It is my opinion that banding, or any other fault where ink jets appear to be misfiring, is very unlikely to be a software problem. There is ample scope for hardware problems with the technology that is used to construct print heads that makes it much more likely to be the source of problems than any software; don't forget, drivers don't tend to "self-mutate" so, if a problem appears when printing has previously been perfect, it is extremely unlikely to be software.

    Quote Originally Posted by 45photo View Post
    What would you do?
    Well, after my problems with the R2400, I am having serious doubts as to which printer I would upscale to when I make the move to 24". At the moment I would not consider Epson simply because I would not be able to change from matt to gloss black without either, dumping horrendous quantities of ink or buying two printers!!!

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    Re: Epson R2400 Banding under Mac OS 10.5.2?

    I am using Imageprint V7 with the Epson R2400 and Mac OS 10.5.2 and I also had problems with banding. This was clearly seen in the darker areas but on closer look visible over the entire picture.
    The problem occurred with black and white printing and in colorize mode. I just made a few colorprints with this set-up and these looked fine.

    I am using third party papers from Hahnemuhle and Ilford. It is important to select in the print dialog the paper used. As these are only the default Epson papers, one must select the paper that is closest in thickness when using third party papers. However only when selecting Velvet Fine Art paper the banding disappeared in my case. All other paper selections resulted in banding.

    Hope this is of any help to anyone here.

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    Re: Epson R2400 Banding under Mac OS 10.5.2?

    Finally got my printer back from repair. They put in a new print head. Did some prints last night, everything looks really good. Problem solved, it only took a month...and $300. Hopefully this will last awhile.....

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    Re: Epson R2400 Banding under Mac OS 10.5.2?

    Congratulations - Your perseverance is admirable !

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    Re: Epson R2400 Banding under Mac OS 10.5.2?

    This lack of quality control is scary. I really want to step up to a printer that will do 11x14 prints but $700 for a printer and another $300 to make it work properly seems like a LOT of money.

    I really like black and white prints and I'm using an Epson R220 with MIS inks and printing black only for now. If I could find a decent place to send my files to print I would give up some control but could be less expensive. I think it is easier to do that with color as opposed to black and white. Ideally I would like to be doing everything myself. Maybe it's time to think about an enlarger again.


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    Re: Epson R2400 Banding under Mac OS 10.5.2?

    This post looks closed but I was having the same banding issues with my R2400 using Photoshop CS3 and OS 10.5.4 that were not there with 10.4.
    After trying a ton of fixes I found online over the past few months it turned out that the problem was simply that I was running it through airport extreme. I connected it directly and all issues were resolved. Ugh.

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